Can someone please explain to me the "no child left behind act"?

Question:I would like to try and have a better understanding of it and what it exactly means...

NCLB is a federal education initiative that was conceived in 1991. The goal of it is to reduce the achievement gap between white and minority students by increasing the focus on math and reading/language arts.

There are many pros and cons to NCLB. On the plus side, it's good intentioned in that it seeks to level the educational playing field across socioeconomic lines. On the negative side, it diminishes other curricula such as history, music, art, and science in favor of raising standardized testing scores in reading and math.

Also, NCLB has really raised the bar in terms of certification requirements for teachers. As a result, fewer professionals are attracted to the field of teaching because of its relatively low pay scale in comparison to other professions, especially in light of the stringent requirements.
doesn't it mean that no one fails in the school system? That if a student does not complete the year successfully, they are promoted along with their peer group and theoretically the school is supposed to provide remedial classes to get the student back to where they should be
From what I understand it means the students who are not reading, writing and doing math to grade level are receiving intensive reading classes and also math tutoring. My school is going so far to pull out students from elective classes and having them do FCAT (Florida) prep work so that they can be prepared.
If you wanted detailed info type in No Child Left Behind Act and you should be able to find a website.
NCLB is a well intentioned idea. To get all schools at the same level of learning. A lot of the time poorer schools do worse then the rich schools. Therefore NCLB used Standardized Testing to grade schools on how their doing. All the schools at then listed from best to worst. The schools that do well get rewarded. The schools that do badly get punshied.

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