"what to do when there is an open advance by a male student on a female teacher for sexual relationship?

Question:What action should I take? Get the student expelled? What??

This is sexual harassment. It is obviously against school rules and it is against the law. Talk with your principal AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If a student is so audacious that he will ask his TEACHER something like that, then you know that he is also asking it of other students. He needs to be stopped!

Besides all of this, he may decide to report YOU and say that you were the one doing the asking. Protect yourself by being the first to act to put an end to this. The sooner you do so, the better for everybody.
Go to the principal immediately and let him/her know about this. You've got to protect yourself before this goes any further. Do not be alone with this student and ask the principal to remove him from your class.
I agree with MadameZ in new teacher orientation they stressed that you need to report these types of incidents immediately. Also, you need to be a member of the teacher's union if you aren't already, they will protect you and your job in these types of situations. According to my county policy it is unlawful for you as the teacher to not report the advances to administration, if found out to have breached this policy is grounds for immediate dismissal. Be aware and be safe than sorry.
More than likely he will not be expelled, either he will be spoken to by the principal and warned but the incident will be documented or his parents will be called into conference to let them know of his inappropiate behavior. Other procedures will be dependent upon your school.

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