Classroom window?

Question:I forgot to close the window in my classroom today (it's on the second floor), how much trouble will I get into? BTW, I'm a first year teacher.

don't worry about it, the custodians clean up the room after you leave and they will close it before they leave for the night.

dont call the principal either, bad move!
i dont know the schools rules on these issues, but hopefully they are not too strict. do they do a check on the rooms? if not pray it doesnt rain and go to school early. if they do check, and they are strict, you may want to go back to the school (hopefully its not too far) and close the window, or if your room was checked and the window was found, apolagize ASAP
Not much just a quick lecture from the head custodian about air conditioning the whole street and building safety. LOL! I am a first year teacher also and I opened the windows in my classroom to let the cold air out because my kids and I were freezing. Anyways I left school with the windows still open and the custodian found me this morning and told me the rules about the windows, they are not to be opened.
Call your principal and ask if s/he can contact a custodian to go into your room and close the window. (There's probably still someone there.) He/she would probably appreciate your honesty and also the fact that you cared enough to do something about the problem.

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