Biology Life Science Teacher Demand?

Question:I currently am working to become a teacher, but finding the right avenue for which subject has been difficult. I have always had an affinity towards mathematics and biology. If I were to choose between the two, it would be hard. I love the fundamental philosophy behind the concepts in mathematics, but I love the natural beauty and observation of the Earth.

I'm trying to figure out which would be better for me as far as a teaching credential. I am currently working towards a BS in Mathematics with a minor in Biology.

Any information on regional employment, opportunities, challenges, etc would be great to differentiate the two.

No need to pick. When you apply for your credential, you can take as many of the tests as you want. Supplemental credentials can also be simply added to your original credential, allowing you to teach each subject you are qualified for. With your minor, you will have enough units to earn a supplemental credential.

Here is what I did: microbiology major in college. took tests in Bio, Earth Science, and Health (can teach any of those subjects) applied for a mthematics supplemental with my units in math. can teach that subject as well..up to grade 9...if I wanted to teach high school, id simply need to pass the subject matter test for that)

I now teach math and life science to 7th graders.

A note: Since NCLB, states have been wary of supplementals and ask that new teachers pass subject matter competency in extra subjects.. a few states accept units equivalent to a major.. so youd have to take a few more upper level science classes if your state agrees with this.

confusing? your states education web site usually spells this all out in detail.

good luck!
As I recall, you said that you are in Texas, so you do need to check into the situation there as far as earning credentials is concerned. If possible, obtaining certification in both would be fantastic, as it would really make you appealing to the powers that be when they look for new people to hire. We have principals here in our county in Maryland who like to find teachers with dual certification. You would probably have to take extra tests to be certified at the high school level, but you would probably enjoy that more than middle school. High school students need good male role models, and if you have a passion for your subjects and really care about the students as people, you would really love teaching!
So, beneath all my babbling, I think you do need to check into the requirements in your state before you start making those big decisions. Good luck!
I am a high school Biology teacher, but also love math. I majored in Bio in college, so that's what I teach. One thing I wish I knew beforehand is that science teachers have to be extra careful with labs because we are held liable for anything that happens in the classroom, and this is more of a chance with lab equipment and things. Just thought I would give you something to think about!! But go ahead and get certified in both, and then you can find a school you like and teach whatever they need there. Good luck.

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