Am I too old to become a teacher?

Question:I just turned 36. I wanted to be a teacher until my sophomore Geometry (sp?) teacher singled me out as the class idiot. It was the most humiliating thing I've ever been through. After that, I didn't feel smart enough to go to college. I got married and had children instead. Now that my kids are older, I want to go back to school. Do you think my age will be a problem in getting a job?

Not at all. I attended college with older students who did fine and went on to become teachers. If you're qualified, you'll be hired. Good luck with your endeavors!
Honey i am 103 and have taught for 69 years so you tell me.
Is you to young??
of course not i had a teacher that was 49 soo your young
nope, I have a teacher that is way older!!!!!
No way are you to old to teach. We need good teachers, go for it.
Not at all, I don't think you are never too old to learn. If your really passionate about teaching, then your age should not be a problem, compaired to my teachers, your very young! lol
If this is something that you want to be, if it will make you happy, I say go for it, A lot of people now days return to school, no matter what age they are. Teaching is a great profession, we need more people like you! :)
no. i have had teachers that should've been in nursing homes;), walking with canes!!! if its something you want to do then do it. i see where theirs a lack of teachers and as a result more kids pile into a class leaving less one on one for the kids. do it, make a difference!!!!
No, I don't think your age will be a problem at all. My mom is 45 and she is going back to college with me to become a teacher. She has already had some job offers from different schools. My Aunt and 2 of my friends' moms just became teachers and they are between 40 and 43. If what you really want to be is a teacher, than go for it. And don't let anyone tell you you are to old, or not smart enough. Because you are not to old and you are smart enough. Good luck! And have a great day!

Districts look for people with life experience. (thats you and me..known to the younguns as older folk)

get to your states web site and start the look at the requirements! start your schooling this year!
When it comes to teaching the call is "Come one, Come all" We need teachers who are dedicated and if you are 36 and dedicated then a school will see that and want you. Plus you understand how fragile our youth are and will treat them accordingly so they will have to courage to pursue their dreams instead of disregarding it. We need people like you to share their stories with the youth.
I am in college to become a teacher now and I have had a few women in my classes that were well over 40 trying to become a teacher. You can still go for your goal and succeed. Your never to old to make a difference in student's lives. Best of luck!
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