CENTER ROTATION. HELP!! How do I rotate my class?

Question:I am a first grade teacher. I am having problems setting up an center rotation system. We have a 130 minutes SPANISH Language Arts, twenty students . I am really struggling to map out a rotation so that they work 2 times with me. I need to divide the group so all of them finish 2 activities everyday. Helllllllllllp!!

Explaining centers can be a little tricky over the net but I will give it a try. Here's what I understood: You want them to meet with you twice and complete 2 center activities per day. Here's how I would do it.

First: I would divide my 20 children into 3 groups: Group A = 7 students, Group B = 7 students, Group C = 6 students.

Next, I would come up with 5 Centers: (You can change the centers according to your circumstances) Center 1 = Art Center, Center 2 = Writing Center, Center 3 = Work with Teacher, Center 4 = Manipulatives Center, Center 5 = Computer Center

Then, I would come up with 2 alternating rotations.

Rotation I and Rotation II
example: Students would follow Rotation I on Monday, Rotation II on Tuesday, Rotation I on Wednesday, Rotation II on Thursday, etc. (I would have a visual reminder for students so that they understand where to go)

Rotation I
(each column represents a 20 minute block of time)

Center Groups

Rotation II
(each column represents a 20 minute block of time)

Center Groups

I have used this type of rotation before. It seems complicated at first but the kids pick it up pretty quickly.
What kind of activities are the kids working on. Only two activities per day in 130 minutes puts them at a station for about an hour. That's quite a while to be at center. This is how I did it in first grade.
center 1- small reading group with me
center 2- computer center
center 3- small group with an aide
center 4- seatwork
center 5- art related to current LA theme
I had 25 students and they changed stations every 15 minutes. Students always started at the same station but the stations were rotated. That way the students always knew where to go. I'm not sure if this is helping so I'll stop now but please email me if you'd like more info.
Is this 130 minutes a DAY for First Graders? For ONE subject? I am hoping this is a typo. That is way past a normal first grade student's attention span. Normally you would break up the group into four groups of five. You should have a "Large Class Time" where everyone works together and you explain the two new activities for the day. You would also need two review / reward activitites. The whole class starts together with groups A< B<C< D (Your first contact with all the students)
You then work with Groups A and B on the first new Activity while C does the first review activity and D does the Reward Activity, You then work with C and D while A works on the Review Activity and D works on the Reward Activity. You go back to A and B together for the next new activity but D does the Review and C does the Reward and when you do C and D together A does the Reward and D does the Review. The general instruction should be about Twenty minutes and the Four rotations about Twenty- Five minutes each with a few minutes built in to switch.

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