Am i related to dis teacher?

Question:I jus started High School last year and it was dis one teacher i thought i was related to. we looked alike act alike we had alot of similarties. she ask me all kind of question like whats my middle name. etc... so i worte her a note and ask her if we where related and she said no.. but somethin is still tellin me we are related in some way. What should i do?

u never know maby she is but maby is just that you relly like that teacher and maby that u like that class and u get good grades and u think its cause of the teacher but it is relly u!!
Try to get hold of some of her DNA then it can be tested against yours.

DNA can be collected from hair and saliva, so you will need to start following her around with some scissors and a plastic bag...discreetly of course ;-D
Ask your mom. But I see no reason why THIS teacher would lie to you.
Well, learn to use "this"...

My stepmother and I look alike, have similarities, etc., but we are not blood related. Things happen...let it go.
Ask your parents/guardians this question. They are the best people to answer you. Why don't you believe what this teacher told you? It seems like you are just basing this on a lot of things you have in common.

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