Both me and my wife are science teachers in the bahamas, we would like to experience teaching in the U.S.A.?

Question:she is a trained teacher (jbte) certified with twelve years experience teaching jr school and high school general science, health science and biology. she has her associate degree in biology and agriculture. I have a bachelors degree in biology and 15 years teaching experience in the same disciplines. we would like to relocate to the usa preferbly in a small town setting. How could we go about this with all the restrictions now in place.

Florida is short on science & math teachers (who isn't).
tells how to be a teacher here.
Avoid coming to California to teach. This state will probably require you to start a CA approved teaching credential program that could take you years to finish and cost thousands of dollars, plus take a number of rigorous standardized test in the area you want to teach to prove proficiency. It is a mess here due to (No Child Left Behind)! Advise from a new teacher. Hope it helps
It all depends on the state you want to live in...some states have different requirements than others...

Also, you should be warned that teaching jobs are very difficult to get these days...certain areas of the country may have over 500 applicants for one position.

You have an advantage as a science teacher, but it is not as easy as many think...

Make sure you do your research for each state (requirements, salary schedules, cost of living etc.) Once you have determined that you still need to make sure you stand out above the competition. I suggest reading these articles:

Good luck!

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