Accountant Vs Teacher?

Question:Which one would you pick and why? and why not the other

I am a teacher and there are aspects I love about my job. However, the discipline issues are driving me away from my profession. I am in the process of re-examining my life and trying to decide whether to leave teaching, as the discipline problems will only get worse since children are disciplined less and less at home. Although teachers can influence a child's life, I do think this is over played and over romanticised. In a class of 30 kids, with the demands of the curriculum, there is little time to make a positive impact in a child's life. My problem is that teaching is all I know, I am highly competent and I am in my early 40's.
If I had my time back, knowing what I now know, I would probably opt for accounting. However, as a mother, there are definite advantages to being in teaching; school holidays being one of them.
Accountant and teaching are on opposite ends of the spectrum-dealing with people versus dealing with figures. I would imagine accounting to be as stressful and demanding as teaching but with less headaches and frustrations.
I`m a teacher , so better the devil you know!
an accountant would make more money. A teacher is more full filling profession for some.

i would probably be a teacher because i like to know that i've in stalled values and left a mark in a students life that he/she will take with him forever. I would not be an accountant because i hate math and there is a lot of math involved in that profession
I pick being an accountant for the follwoing reasons:

1) I want a well-paying job. Accounting pays serious money.
2) I'd probably be very good at accoutning, as I have a very logical mind and am good at mathematics.
3) I don't think I would make a good tacher because I am too impatient. I would probably be upset with students for not understanding things that I think are simple. That pretty much would turn the kids off to me as a teacher, and nobody would be learning anything.
Be a hybrid, I know a bunch of Accounting teachers that were accountants first. Why not go that route.
teacher bein an account would be rubbish such long hours
I would choose accountant, because most teachers I know are not very bright, or nice people and I wouldn't want to be typecast that way.
Teachers not bright or nice? Ouch!

I happen to be a high school teacher, and right now I would tell you to choose teaching...because it is summer vacation and I am relaxed and stress-free. During the school year, I would tell you to be an accountant... teaching pay is just not worth it. Yes, rewarding sometimes, but a pain in the @$$ most of the time.

Remember, the grass is always greener on the other side. Try one vocation, and you are always able to switch later in life!
The question you really need to ponder is: lots of holidays but not affording to go anywhere fancy (then teach) or fewer high quality expensive holidays (then pick accountancy). Its all about the holidays.
Well, I'm a teacher and my husband is an accountant.

He gets: more money, longer lunches and free sodas all day...but he also works longer hours depending on the company and is bored stiff...lots of time sitting at a desk (sounds nice to me though)

I get: lots of variety, ok pay, lots of human interaction, non-monetary rewards, summer vacation (but let's face need the break)...but.short lunches, lots of parents to deal with, state testing (Texas..agh!), and a husband who thinks your job can't possible be as stressful as his... ;-)
I'm a teacher and most days, I love my job. At the start of every year you get another chance to start afresh and its a job where you can really feel your making a contribution to society. I can't believe that accountants get anything like the same level of job satisfaction that teachers do.
For money an accountant for part time work and long summer holidays and reasonable salary a teacher.

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