As a non-British citizen, can I get employment as a school teacher in England without having a QTS?

Question:I am thinking of a change in career. I have taught TESOL & RE on a part-time basis for more than ten years. However, I do not have a QTS (or equivalent). I am not a British citizen, but I would like to teach in England. Would the Ministry of Education in UK employ me as a school teacher? How and where should I apply for a scholarship in England to do QTS?

No, you could not work as a teacher.
You would have to apply to do a PGCE at a university for a year and pass to get QTS. You won't be able to work for a state school without it or an equivalent.
You won't get a scholarship I'm afraid. There are other incentives, but as a non-British citizen it seems unlikely that you are eligible.
Unfortunately, you really missed the boat for a year. PGCE courses would have stopped recruiting in June, so unless you are very persuasive and manage to squeeze onto a course now for september, it's more likely to be able to get onto next year's courses. It does depend though on what you want to teach.
It might be possible to work for a public (as stated above actually private) school but I would discourage you from trying. It seems unlikely that they would employ you wthout QTS.
If I were you, decide what you really want to teach and ring up Unis to try to get on a course. With your experience and some persuasive skills you could have QTS in no time.
Hope this helps!
Most Likely Not
no. You could contact the General Teaching Council to see if your qualifications match the requirements.
Public schools ( confusingly these are in the private sector) may employ who they like!
probably you could probably get a free car and a free flat as well the are lots of advantages to not being English in England Don't know why. In fact i think I might leave and buy passport in Poland so I can get a load of freebies.
Of course you can, if your not British this country's your oyster, teach, go into nursing, dentistry, hell there's even been cases where surgeons can operate without a licence, hey don't let a formality like that stop you and if the worst comes to the worst you can always get to know our country inside out and all the back roads and lanes by being a taxi driver. I suppose our trainee student teachers can always apply for a job in Australia. (when they've cleared their debt that is)
Ray. West York's. U.K.
I am a qualified South African teacher living in the U.K. I have 4 years in which to get my British teaching status. This requires that I work in a state school while doing assignments and exams. If I don't get this within 4 years, then I am not allowed to teach in the U.K. at all.

I assume that you don't have a formal teaching qualification. In this case, you will have to get one. I would imagine then you wouldn't have to go through what I have to in order to teach here, i.e. if you study in the U.K. Good luck.

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