Am I too old to train as a secondary teacher?

Question:Anyone know whether 51 is too old to train to teach in the secondary sector? I have a degree level Spanish qualification and have been teaching ESOL for three years, but I'm sure I have read somewhere that over 50s are not accepted onto teaching courses. Has anyone been accepted over 50 onto a PGCE or GTP programme?


You are never too old for anything, but I think with teaching they hire the older ones as substitute teachers only.

I think 51 is a fine age to teach anything, because you have years of experience to share with those young people. I do hope you get to teach, and I wish you all the best.

(These are all the spanish words I basically know.)
You are never too old. You may meet some resistance from narrow minded people but heaven knows we need more good teachers in the world.
Dont worry, ur not too old!
I think you can but you may not get any subsidies
i don't think they can discriminate against age
You are never too old.
Good Luck!
You aren't too old! If it is something you genuinely want to do...go for it:-)
That is a load of malarky. You are NOT TOO OLD to train as a secondary teacher. I know a woman who taught until she died (and she was quite a bit older than you are).
Your never to old to teach..
But the sector your aiming for can be gruelling.
unless you want to teach at GCSE/A level.
thought of college of further education to start with.
At your age you know what you want, so you will be better at what you do. It is never too late to train for anything, I am a college student, and those "older adults" who are in school work harder because they know the value of their education.

Also ~ In my school, older adults get to "audit" classes at no charge!
well a previous physics teacher of mine was newly qualified and he was definately over 60
You won't be too old, just show the university that you are active and keen and fully able to do the course (and the job eventually)
no i dont think you can be to old to teach!!!!
If thats what you want to be go for it!!!
im sure they will have you on :) why would they want to turn entusiastic ppl like you away eh? hmm...but you not looking for the answer whether you're too old to train, you want to know if they will take you on, am i right? definitely never too old to learn but will they take you on, u need to speak to them and show them you're keen, dedicated and enthusiastic lol
I teach a classroom management course as part of an Alternative Certification Program here in Manatee County, Florida and we definitely accept applicants over fact, I think it is illegal not to...
You're not too old but you may find kids that age a real pain and hard work.
I dont know where you are from but in Los Angeles there is such a huge need for teachers, we often see second and third! career teachers coming from school to the teaching ranks.

I have been lucky to work with many teachers who bring a wealth of pre-teaching wisdom into our school. My favorite story is of a teacher we had for three years... she was 75! yes, you heard correct. She retired, came back to us from the age of 72-75, and instead of retiring again left to teach in the new teacher program. I have alot to live up to!

do this!
When i trained I was already employed by a college and did 7407 parts 1 & 2 followed by cert Ed at the local Uni for 1year. If they're still offering that route it might be better than pgce
I did teacher training 2 years ago. I'm sure some of the people on the PGDE course were at least 51 if not actually older. This was in Scotland, don't know if the situation would be the same for England.
I do know my mum went through teacher training when she was about 49.
The current retirement age for a teacher is 65. You have plenty of years left if you want to train.
I have a collegue who trained as teacher when he was 53. He completed tyhe training with no problems, but left mid-way through his probationary year as he couldn't cope with the indiscipline in the classroom. He now teaches in a university, where we don't have to put up with all the crap in the way schools do!

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