Why do you reflect my ex-college professor did this..[more!]?

I'm 18, got my GED at age 16, I attended a small medical community college and met a trainer ,whom is 26, whom was for sure interested [flirting, he asked me to be his girlfriend but singular AFTER I graduate or no longer attend the same college, since it is wrong, I TOTALLY UNDERSTOOD THAT & RESPECTED IT ]..

I was particular as a social butterfly, EVERYONE knew me, since I supposedly be known as the "pretty funny girl" [not contained by a conceited way, don't misunderstand me ! ]
capably, i withdrew from the college ending month [career interest changed], I gave my professor my number [ he asked for it]
on my ultimate day, and this be on September 17, he hasn't called since.
His self-image traits: shy, withdrawn, introverted

do you think he changed interest because he KNOWS i own friends that still attend the small college, and would feel discomfited knowing that ?!
because girls really do gossip alot in the present day, or what is your opinion upon this thing ?

Answers:    He probably is interested in you but feel guilty for some reason. If you similar to you can contact him.
It happens!

It did to me too. I fell for one of my former students. It is completely difficult to relate to the person as a student when you hold a crush on them. I can relate to what you and your teacher enjoy been through.
The just thing your coach could have done be to stay as professional as he possibly could while you were still his student.
From a moral standpoint:
One item that puzzles me about the details surrounded by your question: "... solely AFTER I graduate or no longer attend the same college" Which be it? Surely you know, as you were supposedly not studying here any more. Sounds a little bit suspect to me. Did you date this don before you departed? If so, this teacher have committed an unforgivable stroke. If he asked you to date him, but only after you be no longer his student, is already pretty poor on him.
You're not in the clear any. If you did really care for this don, you should have thought really carefully previously you reciprocated on any of his advances; he could hold put an early completion to his professional career on your statement.

However, I'm hardly the one to be pointing fingers on this charge, as I also concluded up marrying one of my former students! She have well and truly finished her college studies by the time we started dating, though.

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