when filing dvds, how do you alphabetize. if the title starts with the, do you file under t .?

Question:is the movie the alamo filed under t or a. same goes for the letter a. a day in the sun is filed under what, a or d

No, do not use prepositions, but the first significant word.

So no don't file under T for those beginning with "The"

Nor under "A" those beginning with the word "A" or "An"

Otherwise, you'll just end up with most DVDs together.
You always ignore the word "the." The word "a" is a tougher one. I would say that you should put it under 'a.' On iTunes it ignores the but it puts "A Perfect Circle" at the top of the list. The alamo. we stole texas yeay we're heros for killing a bunch of mexicans in the process.

Mine are all in a stack, but I dont carry dvds. it wouldbe under what ever the title of the movie is...if the title starts with a...its in a and if it starts with b is under ... It's completely up to you, as long as you always do it the same way. Most systems that ignore "the" at the beginning of a title also ignore "a" and "an." Use the first major word in the title, the same way some books are alphabetized...The, a, an don't count.
A Day in the Sun would go under "D" for day

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