Can a person take piano lessons on a keyboard??

Question:Has anybody ever done that?

I am a professional musician and high school band director. You can learn some things from a keyboard the way they make them now, but you can't really get everything you would get out of lessons from a piano teacher.
yes a lot of people do and i will soon until i can prove that im good at it then ill get a real piano ( hopefully a baby grand!!)
My daughter is currently taking piano lessons and she practices on a keyboard at home but plays a piano at her lessons. She has been doing this for more than a year and its worked well.
just doesn't feel the same. maybe composing a song on a keyboard, but piano lessons on a keyboard? don't think so ...
My mom teaches piano, and several of her students practice on keyboards. However, you should definitely avoid any keyboard that is over 20 years old. Those tend to have smaller keys and a much smaller range.

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