ADI part 3 Instructional Test?


For ADI part 3 test can you use your own car? I haven't got access to a 'school' car for the above but not sure if using your own is permitted as I believe it is permitted for part 2, just not sure for part 3?


Yes you can.

Good Luck by the way - if you get in contact with me I have some lesson plans i made for my Pt3 - i can mail them to you.
Yes you can. I have copied this from "The Driving Instructor's Handbook" which is recommended by DSA:-

"You must provide a suitable vehicle for the test. It must:

* be properly taxed and insured, including any liability of the examiner as a driver.
* be a saloon or estate car in proper condition with front and rear seat belts in working order.
* have manual transmission and right hand drive.
* have readily adjustable driving seat and a seat for forward facing front passenger, both with head restraints.
* display L plates or D plates in Wales.

It is essential that you have at least one extra rear view mirror"

Hope this helps - Good luck with your part 3 - My final attempt is on Thursday!

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