4/5 grade combination class?

Question:We just found out that my son is going to be in a 4/5 grade combination class. He will be in 4th grade. I never liked the idea, but looking for a teacher's point of view.

I am a 4/5 combination teacher. I have taught that mix for 6 of my 12 years. I LOVE it! The neat things about the combination classes are : The fifth graders understand where the fourth graders are, having just made it through the fourth grade. The fifth graders tend to be kinder when in a combination class, and can show great concern for their classmates. The grades are well suited to being paired, both ages can discuss literature at higher (upper elementary) levels than primary students, the math programs tend to be similar with more new material in fourth and fifth working on mastering the fourth grade introduced material. They are similar in size making games fun, (Girls are usually much taller than boys in fifth though!) Both grades really benefit from the multi-age classroom and parents have been thrilled with my class. This year I have 22 students in 4/5.
its great ive been in to of them and its nice bc he can make friend for when going to jr. high
Well he might actually get ahead of where he should be by just being in the same room as the 5th graders. I'm assuming that the lesson will all take place in the same classroom. So if he's done with his work he might pay attention to their lesson. Hopefully he has a good, really organized teacher. It is challenging to the teacher but your son should be ok if he's a decent student to begin with and the teacher is good.
It'll be fine. The teacher will differentiate between the two grade levels.
The younger kids of a combo class are advanced and the older kids are behind. e
I actually taught a 4/5 split class my first year of teaching. A lot of the parents were really worried about it, but it turned out being really beneficial for all the kids. The younger students learned so much from the older and the older students were able to gain a lot of responsibility. I am sure that the teacher will challenge the younger students with higher level thinking if they teach some of the subjects together. Give it a chance, I think it will be a unique and successful year for your son.
One of the top ranking schools is in kentucky and guess what it is a one room school, the kids actually learn off of each other, I think its kina neat, considering that the teacher is organized enough to handle all of those children.

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