Am i wrong wearing a black bra?

Question:yesterday i was punished by a young miss for wearing a black bra under white school uniform may be slightly showing but should she punish me???

I'm sure there is a standard consequence for both staff and students relative to dress code. Look it up and see what it is. My boss tends to target specific teachers for her dress code wrath...Fortunately, I'm not one of her targets.
No underwear should be showing EVER. Black bras need dark clothing. Be super careful of what you show especially when you have male students (and female - you're a role model!).
if this was the first time then not really. I guess she expected you to have much more common sense.
yup - don't be showin' them undies sweetie
Not a good idea wearing a black bra under a white shirt. U don't know what ideas/thoughts u are putting into the minds of teenage boys. Don't know if punishment was necessary, a quiet word should probably have been enough. Keep your mystery, honey. hope this helps

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