Can any one explain to me the 2 complicated sentences pls?

Question:1-The speaker, praised for her style yet ridiculed for vacuity, often moved naive listeners with rhetoric alone and led them to believe that her speech had substance.
2-Hayley Mills's films have been called treacly, although most of them are not so sentimental so as to deserve that description.

The first (with an over-use of words) describes a person whose is thin in substance [vacuity = emptiness] and those who were less sophisiticated were easily swayed by the force of the words over the real vaule or substance of them

The second means that the films are very saccharrin or sweet [treacly; treacle is a very sweet dessert tha some cannot handle over to the super-sweetness of it] but if one really looks into the films, they are not that sentimental or unrealistinc [this is usually a description of 'Pollyanna']
In the first sentence, the speaker is has great style without any kind of substance behind it. She moved listeners who didn't know any better by using logical and emotional appeals to make them believe that she had a strong point.

In the second, the films are called sickeningly sweet even though they don't really have very much sappy emotional emphasis.
1. The speaker used big words to convince her audience that she was saying something important, but she was not.

2. Some people say that watching Hayley Mills' films is like eating a dessert made out of pure sugar, but most of the films are not that sentimental.
I think all before me nailed the meaning of the two sentences.

Probably not part of your assignment, but sentences were written badly.

The last part of the second sentence is an addendum and would flow much better if you called attention to that fact. It can be re-written many ways, but I would...

Hayley Mills's films have been called treacly, although most of them are not so sentimental: they do not deserve that description.

I agree with what the first person said, the first sentence over uses vocabulary. Reminds me of an episode of Friends when Joey discovers a thesaurus.

I am a math teacher and I know that

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