Any activity for first graders to teach loiving and and non living things?

Question:i have to teach the characteristics and differences of living and non living things
and i have to plan an activity can any one help

How about going outside and showing the first graders what is living like grass,trees, leaves, branches and flowers. then going inside to see what is not living like tables, chairs computers, markers or crayons. Along these lines.
On a very basic level, living things grow while inanimate things do not.
Introduce the class to your pet stone (or any other inanimate object). They will think you are crazy and explain to you that it can't be your pet because it's not alive. You can ask them why they think it isn't alive.
I like to do a collage. Take a poster board, write living on one side and nonliving on the other. Have the children glue pictures of appropriate items under each category. The kids love this activity...

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