Any other teachers dreading the return to school?

Question:I have taught for 3 years. The first year was tough naturally, The second year was HORRIBLE. The third year was awesome, like I have found my purpose! The kids were great and we really had a bonding experience.

I am dreading this year. I don't know what to expect. I am so afraid it will be like the second year; they say it comes in cycles...does this mean I'm in the wrong profession?! Does anybody else get that sick feeling in their stomach when school is about to start back?

Personally, I'm still in denial - I still think there's lots of summer left! Hmm, maybe that's because my calendar is still on July.

Anyway, I do know how you feel. I'm a college professor, and I still feel that way some times. I get especially nervous after I've had a bad semester. There are good groups of kids, there are not-so-good groups of kids. It varies year to year, but I wouldn't say there's any predictable cycle.

I think after you've been teaching a little longer, things will be easier. Especially after a few more good years (and you'll have lots of them, trust me!). I don't think you're in the wrong profession at all. One thing I know that helps me is being able to talk with other educators - something that can be hard to do over the summer. Maybe you should call up one of your fellow teachers and invite her/him out to lunch before school starts. Talking with other educators always helps invigorate me, helps me remember why I love teaching.
i do i hate it so much you dont know if its going to be a good or bad year
I do but I'm a student :)

You really just started at teaching. You'll do great, I'm sure
yeah, I think some are

maybe they should consider other jobs

kids deserve teachers who want to teach them, even if they are not good teachers and/or don't like kids
Im a Mum and I cant wait til they start back! There is one class in my kids school that every teacher hates to have and they give a big sigh of relief at the end of their year lol.

you must have an idea of who are going to be teaching, just set the rules from the start and youll be fine.
This is my 3rd year teaching. I had a wonderful first year. My second year was so so. We started back on the 25th of July and kids came back on the 31st. I honestly dreaded going back but once I went in for preplanning, I sorta got back in the swing of things. And believe me, I ask myself several times did I choose the right profession.
I know exactly how you feel so maybe I'm in the wrong profession as well. I love working with kids and I love lesson planning and teaching but I HATE dealing with parents and the administration. So much so, I'm thinking about quiting. Does it goes in cycles, I don't know. I think its has more to do with the group of kids you get that year. However, I'm hoping this year is as great as your last one.
This will be year 26 for me, teaching special ed. I'm now teaching Jr. High. Yes, every year it's tough at the beginning. I never know what kids I'm getting until the last second and it does seem to come in cycles of good/bad years. Actually it's hardly ever the kids that give me bad years, it's the parents. I had a real nasty one last year but I think I will have supportive parents this year. I also think I'll have a small class size too which will help. Good luck and just get control early while still making it fun.
I have been teaching for 30 years and I do dread going back to work. It's not the kids, but my boss. We have a new principal and he thinks he knows everything. He has a lot to learn and one of the most important things is to trust his teachers.

No one knows what to expect, but it all works out in the end. You are not in the wrong profession if you reach one student out of the multitudes. Do not give in to their behavior or attitudes--hold your ground. Be consistent and in the end it will pay off.

Remember you are there to be their teacher and teach skills. You are not there to be their friend.

Have a good year.
I'm dreading going back, but only because I've been procrastinating so much! I have done hardly any planning at all this summer, and I really wanted to get myself ahead and on top of things. This will be my third year, and although my first and second years were great, I was hoping to really improve upon what I've done in the past. I'm sure my classroom is a total disaster (getting new desks this year! Yay!)

I don't get really sick to my stomach though, because I know that I can do it. Just have confidence in yourself!
I can't wait! This is my 23rd year of teaching.
I've been teaching 30+ years. I don't really dread it (except getting up early every morning - shudder -) but the summer was waaaay to short. I think there's something about the relativity theory & time there...

Once I get back into it I'll be fine, though. You will, too! The horrible years are really few & far between.

The fact that last year was your best shows that you are growing as a teacher.

My only concern would be that if you don't want to be back, then you will create a bad year for yourself.
Going into my sixth year, this is the first time I'm not completely dreading it (and I do love my job). Don't worry, it's completely normal.
I wouldn't say dreading, but I am having some apprehensive feelings. I have a new building this year, a new principal, a new grade level - which means a new team of teachers to get to know, as I am a special ed teacher - and I have taken on more responsibilities like committees and a coaching position!

It's only my 4th year but I couldn't imagine doing anything else! Don't worry, nerves are normal.

If you're not a member, you might want to check out - it's a good networking site for teachers.
Last year was my first year, and I'm both looking forward to next year, and dreading. I am excited to make changes on things that I didn't think I did well last year, and I am excited to meet my new students. The only thing I am really dreading is working with my principal. I don't feel like he gave much support last year, and I don't think it's going to be different this year. At least I'll be ready for that this year!
There are no cycles. Sure some years are harder than others, but NONE are similar to your first few years. You are just figuring it all out - and it seems based on what you said about last year, things are clicking. You will continue to learn what works and what doesn't as time goes on.

So look forward to this, you have a bunch of new kids stressing about YOU also. Start planning now -

I plan to re-read Harry Wong - sitting on my desk now... (16 year teacher here - keeps me thinking about it)

I plan to revamp my grading
Im buying myself a new computer just because
I've already planned two big stating units - one for math and one for science

have fun! the fact that you are asking a question means you are thinking about it, now get down to specifics!

good luck!
Personally, I can't WAIT to get back to school! I have been in my room a couple of hours a day for a couple weeks now (we officially go back now on Monday). But, I am pregnant and my leave will be in October so I am trying to get that time extremely well-planned so that the substitute doesn't waste my students time. I think you may need to acknowledge that perhaps your first 2 years were difficult because you were learning a new job...and it is an extremely stressful, difficult job, which is made MORE stressful and difficult by the judging by our society that our jobs are easy, we are just babysitting, we get the whole summer off, it's not brain surgery, ect. That said, you need to adjust your attitude before school starts or your dread of the coming school year is going to be a self-fulfilling prophecy and you will have a horrid year. If these feelings continue into your 5th or 6th year of teaching, you may want to consider a new profession or try a new teaching position. Perhaps you are not in the best age group or subject matter?
I am not feeling sick, as I like the beginning of school with all of the newness. I just don't want to go back because the summer was awesome and went too fast. Think positively, you had a great year last year, who's to say this year won't be just as great! Good luck, we're all in it together!

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