Do school teachers get a pay check in the summer even if they don't teach summer school?

Question:Is their pay split up over the course of the year or do they just get paid during the school year? Just curious.

No one has it quite right yet.

The answer is: It depends on the district you teach in.

One district I only got paid during the my contract - the salary was divided up over 18 or 20 pay checks (not sure).
(I could opt to have the Credit Union pull out of my pay check each month so that I would essentially have a pay check through the summer.)

Another district paid us with 24 yearly checks - i.e. divided over 12 months.
(but they gave us all the summer checks at one time - June's July's and Aug.'s. You could deposit it as one lump sum, or twice monthly to keep your budget it check.)

And no teacher should go broke if they don't get paid over the summer. It's called a budget. You save each month to see you through the summer (and you shouldn't need a Credit union to do it for you.)
teachers get an annual salary in most states..this is divided by 12.
thy can choose
Yes, Every teacher would be broke if they didn't. I wouldn't advise being a teacher as a job. (if thats why your asking this)
No, only during the school year and this money can then be used during summer. However, if you teach during summer school then you'll get paid. It's like any job, basically, you get paid for what you work for.
Yes, their salary is divided into 12 months so they get a paycheck all year long.
You can elect to get either 10 paychecks or 12. If you want 12 paychecks, payroll will deduct a certain amount from each regular paycheck (after taxes) and you will get 3 checks at the end of June, covering July, August, and September. The accrual amount appears on your paystub each month.

If you are disciplined, you are better off saving part of each paycheck to cover your summer expenses, and you will earn a little extra interest. On the other hand, there is something to be said for a steady cash flow.
we get paid over the summer as well. our annual salary is split into 12 months. if we do extra stuff over the summer we get paid extra. i think of it as getting paid to recharge after a hard school year.
Our pay is for 10 months work, but is divided into 24 paychecks - 2 per month for a year.
My mom is a school teacher, and they work summerschool if they want the paycheck. Most teachers have summer jobs, like my mom is a UBS tele-recruiter.
mostly yeah

they average out their pay I think

so they get paid in Summer too, not that much though

teachers almost never get as much as they should, especially the good ones who really care
My salary is spread over 12 months. I think our district gives us an option of a 9 month pay cycle, but I like the consistency of the year long pay cycle. I always teach summer school which is extra money.
Most public school teachers are paid a yearly salary that is divided into 12 months. We get all of the summer checks at the end of the school year.
Again, it depends on the district. For instance, some districts do not give you a choice, get paid through the summer or don't. In my district, our yearly salary is broken into 26 paychecks (bi-weekly). However, at the end of the school year, we have the option of taking a lump sum of the cash that we would otherwise be paid over the summer months or we can continue to get bi- weekly checks.
It does depend on what district you work in. I get paid once a month for 10 months. I do not have the option of receiving my paycheck any other way. If I work summer school then I get paid at the end of the session.
It depends on the district. I did not until this last year when the district changed it rules.

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