Can I teach myself how to drive?

Question:I'll be 18 on Aug 11th. I've been asking my family to teach me how to drive for about 3 yrs... I've only been on 2 driving lessons... it's obviously that I'm not going to learn from them and I really don't trust anyone else

find a traffic school in your local area. get an experienced coach. it's very helpful.
You could get yourself, or worse yet, somebody else, killed. Get some lessons.
Your local Department of public safety should have books that they either hand out or are a small price that have all traffic and driving codes. Study the book and it will give you valuable knowledge on driving. But as far as driving by yourself I would be extremely careful and start out in empty parking lots. DO NOT drive however on any public road because if you are caught without a license you can have your license suspended ( or it will push back the date you are able to get your license/drive ) and depending on the officer you can be arressted and the car will be left where it is they stopped you.
Please get a driving school teacher. It's the best investment I ever made! I passed the driving test in one try thanks to her!
You probably could , I taugh myself to drive but I would tell everyone to just go to driving school because no matter if you know how to drive or not you have to get a paper from a driving school saying you know how to drive and have taken the 5 hour course before you go to your local DMV for your license. click here for information on your states' rules.

note: your insurance will be cheaper if you go to driving school.
Find a driving school. You need someone who is qualified to teach you.

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