Comic book unit - any suggestions?

Question:I'm creating a comic book unit geared toward first- or second graders. I'm looking for suggestions for comic books (not comic strip compilations) with appropriate themes for kids ages 6 and up. Any ideas?

Also - are there any comics out there that are non-fiction or at least true-life?

I'm looking for more than your basic superhero comic, so please no Spiderman/Superman/Batman, etc. Not that there's anything wrong with them, but I want to expose the kids to a wider scope than what they can find in theatres.

Interesting question. I am a 16 year teacher who knows a bit about comics. i've tried to find links or these, you may have to go to a library or a book store to see if its fully appropropriate. some thoughts:

Mouse guard - are you planning on helping with the reading?

Bone - a bit scary

owly - award winning, but doesnt talk - are you doing this for reading purposes?

Disney comics - have been appropriate for generations

Lions, Tigers and Bears. - there is a preview on the page. fun book.

Herobear and the kid:

Little Lulu - originally a paper comic, then it became an actual comic book. stories are short and funny. currently being printed in graphic novel format by dark horse comics

i hope this helped some, you'll certainly have to preview these to see if any work for you.

good luck!
I was looking for some comic books for that age range the other day. When I was at Barnes and Nobles, I came across a series called Phonics Comics. They are different levels and could provide them with a nice introduction to comic books (dialogue, speech bubbles, etc.) I didn't read all of them, but it looked like most had 3 stories inside. One was called Clara the Clutz, which was about a princess who was also a huge clutz. Other than those, I haven't come across any great comic books for younger readers. And, I'm not sure if all of these books have appropriate themes, but its worth looking into. Good luck!
Visit your local comic book store. They have a whole lot more than the basic Batman/Spiderman stuff, and if it isn't on the shelf, the owner can order it for you. Most owners want encourage readership of kids, so they might even donate to your class. You'd be surprised how much is out there and what the local comic guy/gal knows about and can get for you. Good Luck!
Classics Illustrated.

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