Can a teacher get in trouble for teling things about a student to other students?

Question:I'm a university student.
The teacher I'm talking about always tells me and my friend about bad things of other students,
like how poor they are at class and stuff like that.
We had an exam last week, and my friend told me that the teacher told my score to her and was saying that she is not sure I'm going to pass.
If I tell on her that she has been talking to students about other students,
would she get in trouble?
Sorry for my poor English..:-(

I imagine that the teacher would at least get a warning, if not in trouble. That is very unprofessional of her. You should probably start by telling your teacher that you don't approve of her telling you things about other students, and that you know she tells things about you to other students. In fact, email it to her so you have a record of it. Then if it doesn't stop I would take a copy of the email and talk with someone higher up about this teacher.
She shouldn't breech confidentiality and she probably would get a warning but if she continued, she might get in trouble.
Wow.this is VERY unethical of your teacher to do this!! Especially if she is naming names. It should be brought to someone's attention...especially hers.
Report immediately to the department head.
That's kind of illegal to do.
(Just a bit.)
The teacher could get in trouble if the info is not generally known to anyone else. If you are a poor student and everyone already knows that, get a thicker skin. If you tell the teacher something no one else knows and she tells everyone/anyone, then she can get into trouble. But your possible not passing is not private info. Everyone already knows you are doing well in that class. And KNOW everyone on Yahoo knows too!
Depends on where she teaches and what her status there is. Professors that are tenured aren't always disciplined the way they should be. However, if someone did this at the university I went to, they would probably be fired.

Telling grades is a HUGE breach of confidentiality.

Go to the administration of the school and ask them what the policy on confidentiality is between teacher and student. If you don't want to get the teacher in trouble, you can just say it was a teacher from last semester or something.

But be very could all backfire on you. It may turn out that the teacher doesn't get punished and you get a bad grade in the class because you told on him/her.
no they are not allowed to talk about any other student to you unless they have the(sometimes) written and verbal agreement by the student in question.
Ideally, teachers should handle such information about their students with strict confidentiality. As to respect the learner's privacy and to avoid comparison among his/her students. By divulging such information, his/her student's will loose their trust in the said teacher. Depending on the institution's code of conduct, he/she may or may not be penalized for it.
Yes they can, and they should. The information your teacher is giving you and other students is totally inappropriate! Teachers should not even discuss such information with other teachers without good cause. You need to report this problem to the higher ups. And next time this teacher starts talking to you about other people, you need to tell than that you need to go and that it none of your business.
Absolutely-not only is it unethical but he/she is violating your privacy by telling your friends about your grades. Talk to the teacher's supervisor.
teachers usually have to sign a confidentiality agreement, which is part of their job contract. your teacher is in breach of contract and should be reported. if it happened at the school i work in, they'd be sacked. tell someone in authority that you trust. good luck.
Its a huge deal in high school and below, but in college it isn't so strict. If you make a fuss about it and go to your professor or over her head, you'll probably get her in trouble and she'll probably stop, but you aren't guaranteed much. The checks and balances in college settings are as high so a professor has a lot more wiggle room to get away with things...and if she has tenure, save your breath. nothing will happen.
It is at the least unethical if not more serious. I believe it is okay for them to generalize (ex. "this year's freshman are not prepared for the year ahead of them") but I dont think they can single kids out.
I am a Teacher and they are not suppose to tell other students about what is going on with you in the class because they are breaking confidentially and they are telling them what only you should know and not the other person.
Yes she can get into trouble for breaking Confidentially and that is part of the Teachers Contract. She can either get in trouble for it and get spoken to about it and continue on with her job or she can lose her job for what she is doing.
You should let the Dean that is incharge of the section that has to do with the class. I did that when a Teacher yelled at a friend and then yelled at me for no reason and I went to the Dean that had to do with the class section and he had him checked . The Dean had his own daughter in the class to have her tell her own father what was going on after I was not in the teachers class but I had to be with a different Teacher at that time and I found out later that the Teacher was still favoring students that he was told to leave and he was not to come back to the college that I was going to.

I hope this will help.
What the teacher is doing is ethically wrong, and in all probability, legally or at least contractually wrong. It's one thing to discuss previous students' performance without giving names, but another to blatantly discuss another student's grades. If you told on her, it would be your word (and your friend's if she agreed to tell with you) against the teacher's. If the teacher admitted to the wrongdoing, she would most likely get in trouble. She could possibly be fired (but probably just reprimanded).
The teacher is violating confidentiality laws by discussing specifc students with others...a college professor CANNOT tell other students in the class the specific grades of specific students or discuss a specific student's progress, or lack thereof. If the teacher is reported to the department chair or dean it is more than likely the teacher will be reprimanded or worse as the teacher is not acting in a professional manner.

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