Are there any good websites to learn sign language?

It is tough to learn any language from websites. There are so many important things to know about, and websites generally can't answer questions you may have.
Still, this website ( is very helpful in providing a large vocabulary and includes quizzes to help you recognize fingerspelling and some basic words.
Your best bet would be to find a class nearby. A lot of colleges (including community colleges) offer classes to get you started, and sometimes to continue with it. Instructors will also be able to give you details on things like sentence structure, descriptions of classifiers and a variety of other subjects. It's a lot of fun, so good luck with it!
Please see the link below. It might be a place to start.
When you do your search also include Blind Education and you'll be looking for U.S. or American Sign Language because the rest of the world has bastardizations of other signing including American. None of the others appear to be standardized as the sign language used in the Americas.
I saw this comedian and she was doing sign language that you'll never need, it was pretty funny.
She did a bunch of signs that meant and that's how I lost my arms...
and then she did some more that meant, Help I'm stuck behind this wall!


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