Being my online tutor...?

Question:im an a-level student..unfortunately i cannot cope with my studies...and thats why i need an online tutor who is willing to help me for free without any payment (im still a student and im practically broke)...and is committed to help me. english is not my first language and probably thats why im having such a tough time doing a-levels. the subjects that im taking is economics, english literature and law. i will be having my AS level exams in november and im desperate for help..time is running out...

anyone genuinely willing to help me in the above subjects...could just message me i supposed...Thank you in advance!

Give this a try: - tutoring by retired teachers and volunteers (free)
i'll help
You could try emailing me through Yahoo. Some of my interests are writing, literature and the stock market. I have answered some econ questions on this site.
However, I am American. English English and American English can be a bit different.
Still, I'm willing to have a crack at any issues you might want to discuss.
I know nothing about the law--except how to break it!
Just kidding.

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