Are teachers allowed to take the mick of students?

Question:I was in science once doing a test and this lad who everyone suspects to be gay had finished his test and our teacher said he could read. So this lad got out a copy of Bridget Jones' Diary and are teacher started to luagh and call him gay and all that lot. Are teachers allowed to do that. He does it every lesson as well?

No, teachers are not allowed to make fun of their students based on their sexual orientation, or suspected sexual orientation, in this case. Just as if peers were to make fun of someone in front of their face, it's not right. However, incidences like these always occur and no one ends up reporting it. The boy should have reported the incident to the Principal, especially since the teacher did it every lesson (and especially if the boy is being bothered by it). If you continue to see this problem occur, maybe you'll be brave enough to stand up for the guy by going to the Principal yourself and reporting it.
Even if he was gay, one cannot just assume that from making assumptions. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with how one talks, dresses, which book one chooses to read, etc...
if they are adult students you can do it. But not about subjects like those.
your teacher is a dork. such biased responses are not tolerated in the U.S.A. go speak with a counselor...
noooo, he should be told off for doing that, i have to say its funny a guy reading bridget jone's diary...ll
Report him to his superior and that will stop it. He is extremely unprofessional and being a bully to boot.

He is there to support you and teach you - not to bully or harass you.
Hardly a good role model is he? I'd have a word with the headmaster, and get a few of the other kids to back your story up too.Teachers sometimes need discipline as much as the kids.
I was a governor at our local school until my kids finished there.
No he shouldnt as technically it's bullying.
Talk to someone senior to him at school as what he is doing is wrong.
no he isn't allowed to do it..

my teachers used to have a joke.. but not at someones expense..

its meant with intent , so its not a joke.

sounds like the teacher is an idiot to be honest.
As a teacher i would never take the mick or any student, although i know that some teachers do, it is not acceptable and should not be tolerated, your friend should report this to his parents, a head teacher or someone else who will take it seriously.
Surely not it would be against all the rules.
Not if the students are brown... Otherwise it's all systems GO!
I am a teacher, and the only time i would embarass a student is if he/she is being disruptive. i would simply sit down and ask the student to take the lesson - in most cases it has the desired effect with all the other students laughing at him/her.
The teacher pointed out the obvious, so what?

The lad should stop being such a pansy.
Shamefully teachers are just as big bullies as some of the other kids. There are no rules about teachers bantering but he could try speaking to the teacher about it and let him know it is offending him. If he cant do that then he needs to speak to whoever the teachers superior is. If you are in a US school he can speak to his student councillor who will deal with it.
Definitely not. That is unprofessional! A teacher should be compassionate and be a role model to their students. I would document this incident. If it occurs again, notify the administrators and tell parents. Next time it could be you.
No its unacceptable for a teacher to behave in a manner that breeds prejudice against sexual orientation, race, gender, religion, etc.

You should speak to your school principal or another teacher about this. It must make the poor student feel uncomfortable and it encourages other students to behave in a same manner.

Stand up for your peer and talk to someone about it!!
Any form of sarcasm or micky taking is a cheap shot. It shows the teacher in question has a low level of behaviour management evolution to have to rely on such a poor approach.

There are codes of professional conduct that form part of a written mandate teachers are obliged to follow.

If it becomes common practice or if the chap in question is particularly upset about it now, approach the teacher and question his/her motives.
Failing that generating a positive outcome take it to the year or subject head and state your case.

As other responders have stated teachers are supposed to set a standard of behaviour and conduct.
Hi corey, Teachers are not allowed to call students any names except their given names!

And if a guy wants to read Bridget Jones, it does not make him gay, literature is literature and should be appreciated by everyone, does it make me a man because I read James Bond and Starwars?
I do not think that is right for any teacher to do anything like that. I do not care if the students are old or young or whatever, it is not right, PERIOD!
Well if you're not allowed to take the mick out of the teacher, then they can't do it to you. And if they do then they have to be reported!
That is horrible! No teachers are not supposed to do that. Unfortunately, teachers are human beings and some humans just suck.
No, he can't do that! You need to report him for that, I don't know if he can there, but in the US he will lose his job for that!
wow! is she serious? thats not good.

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