Any tips for a first time ESL teacher going to China?

Question:I am leaving for China in about two weeks. I have a job teaching 16-18 year olds intensive oral english. I have never taught and was wondering if anyone had some advice or tips for a first time ESL teacher teaching abroad.

As far as China goes do not expect to be there for the salary.

I would pick up a few ESL related games books for contests before you go and expect highly motivated students.

Keep an open mind and be ready for delays of all sorts in terms of contract and paperwork. Make sure you have all your immunizations up to date. Read your country's embassy webpages on travelling and working in China. EFL/ESL it is all a matter of semantics IMHO.

You will be there teaching English and you will be OK as long as you remember that Chinese people do things the way they like to do them. Whatever problems you may encounter there were not designed to frustrate you personally and don't sweat the small stuff.

I like to search the publishers and get their books used at alibris.
Well, what you're teaching is EFL, not ESL.
I would suggest you find out everything you can about Chinese language and culture.
What is your training? Have you had classes in teaching speaking and listening skills?
Connect with other EFL teachers in China.
Check out for starters.
Good luck.

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