More money after your masters surrounded by instruction?

I am currently a sophmore in background. My one prof. said that you get more money when you achieve your master's degree, close to you move over one more height or somthing on the salary article. And do you get more money for every year that you initiate? I am wondering about CA within particular but any information is welcome. It would be great to hear from someone who is a teacher or have been one. THanks =)

Answers:    DEfinitely yes, the greater you go surrounded by your educational height, slary wise, benefits-wise, evrything will follow, an increase within the slary and more benefits to go next to it..This is the reason that most companies or research establishments prefer with Masters Degree because of their second knowledge, experience and expertise...And for this horizontal it is just but instinctive they need to elevate their salary and other fringe benefits.
Yes You do win more money, if you get a masters. But when I be in instruction they said that sometimes it's harder to find a job unless you already own a permanant job and are doing your master's afterwards, the reason is because they enjoy to pay you more.

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