Can anyone help me prepare for an adult literacy/numeracy tutor interview?

Question:I need to know the current buzzwords and issues that might come up at interview so I can prepare.

Buzzwords/phrases which would be helpful are inclusive learning, student-led learning, individual learning plans, objectives, task based learning (a relatively new and very popular concept), and evidence of achievement.
Adult learning these days is very much geared towards the individual, so each student must have a plan which states what the tutor and learner have agreed. Google methodology or read a chapter or two of any relevant book. I can recommend Geoff Petty-Teaching Today and Evidence Based Teaching. Also Dave and Jane Willis have written some excellent books on Task based Teaching and Learning. Good luck wth the plans!
With adults remember that they should be "own" their experience. They are expected to be active participants and you should be there to facilitate their learning while being accepting of them as individuals. If they ask about materials, try to think of things an adult might actually use..a recipe, a how-to guide, a phone bill, etc.

Good luck!
Okay I would really like to help but I'm really an expert in this area. Why don't you get help from other tutors who have gone through the interview. Go to sites where many tutors hang out: ... and many more (use search engine). Good luck!
I used to teach math for young adults preparing to take the GED. I also tutored adults learning to read. For adult ed - think about why and how they got into the position they are in: did not complete high school, struggled in school growing up, family problems, moving around a lot, learning disabilities, substance abuse, etc. How will you meet those needs as a teacher? For adults learning to read - I had a man who could not even recite the alphabet. We started there. Be able to work with the student at their starting point. And then look at and know your state and district's high school requirements and GED rules. There is more than one kind of high school diploma and many ways to acheive credits for completion. Check out your state's requirements at your state's department of education or with a local guidance counselor at a high school. They have bundles of info at their finger tips! Other buzz words - ESL, SLD, ADD, 504, EH, GED, TABE, PSAT, SAT, CTBS, ACT, WRAT, WICR, FCAT, MCAT, TESOL, IEP, pretests, manipulatives, posttests, curriculum guides, scope and sequence. Other questions: Why are you interested in doing this? Why should we hire you? Have you ever struggled to learn to read? Do you have any questions for us? This is a rewarding field!! Good luck!!
If you are in England, you might like to get hold of copies of the Core Cutrriculum for Adult Literacy and Numeracy. You can get them from the Learning Skills Council. They cover all the aspects of teaching and issues relating to course development.

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