Any educators know where I can get a cheaper subscription to THE MAILBOX magazine?

Question:I love it, but $30 for like 6 issues or whatever it is, is pretty steap for a first year teacher!

I never subscribed to Mailbox. Our library had a subscription and i was often able to find old back issues for cheap cheap at various locations - yard sales, library clear-outs, used book stores.

Don't waste your money on a new magazine subscription.
I've worked at two different schools and both had a subscription to that magazine and they kept it in the library.
I agree with the last teacher, our library buys copies to share with teachers. If your school does not buy Mailbox, you might try to pair up with a teacher and share the cost.

I know this idea won't help this year, but some teacher stores discount the magazines at the beginning of the month after expiration.
you will find that they don;t outsource their sales like other companies do. that is the price. Find out if another teacher at your school subscribes, or go halfs with a new teacher.

Also, I hate to tell you, but you'll be spending a ton on your classroom - and 30 bucks is not alot.

16 year teacher here who on average spends 100 dollars per month on his classroom.

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