Do parents have to come with you on registration( high school)?

Question:m yparents will be busy that day, me and my bro will go alone cause my bro can drive so ya, and i will be a junior already attended the school, all we do is pick up the schedule but my parents keep asking that we shoudl call a family member so im just wondering

Quite honestly...if you are in high school, most students come alone...Parents are usually welcome to show up, but most kids like to go alone...Has to do with that desire for independence and not to be treated like an elementary school child...Tell your parents you can handle problem
no you don't...all you really need are any forms or school fees or anything that your parents have to turn long as you're parents give those to you and you have them to turn in when you pick up your schedule then you're fine!
bring a check signed from your parents to cover any fees!
Are you going from the middle school in the area to the local high school? If the high school already has your records, you can go on your own.

If you are new to the school district, your parents WILL have register you and provide the school with copies of your immunization records, past school records (if not already sent), proof of residency, and other stuff.

Call the school before you drive over there and ask exactly what you have asked here.

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