A place to find hot lady teachers at?

Question:lady teachers who are in their 20's and early 30's at high schools in all 50 states.

Hot as in dripping with sweat? LOL
LOL...well, first hot lady teachers would never go for someone who ends a question with "at".
you already answered your own question when you said "at high schools"
I hope you are not a teacher or a student!

It's not about the looks, it's about the learning.

And I agree with the person who said that "hot" sheesh "lady teachers" wouldn't be interested in someone who ends a sentance with 'at'. But also, no one would be interested in a moron leering at them from the back of the class.

Hope this helps :)
That was funny, Singa, but true! I am hot as I had to unpack 50 or 60 boxes in my unaircontitioned room today. But I teach el ed not HS
All of us lady teachers are super hot, but alas we are only attracted to MEN - not little boys who end a sentence with "at"?

To feed your sickness, try watching the video Hot for Teacher by Van Halen and then ask your parents to put you into therapy.
why are you looking for hot lady teachers. something about school turn you on?
You're never going to get a teacher if you end your sentences with a preposition.
If you want hot teachers, you need to wait until the teachers are in their fifties. This is when a woman is at her hottest!!
I think you should look in the gym for PE teachers, if they have been outside for track or field hockey, they should be hot.

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