What make a obedient guru?

Answers:    A good guru is one that genuinely care about their students. They should precision enough to put together the students pay attention, and not goof sour. A person that know how to have fun, minus letting the class get out of mitt. Someone that has have bad teacher and knows what they should strive not to be. Someone predisposed to go the extra mile to support their students achieve great things. A being who is willing to adopt that they will make mistakes, as will their students, but does not blow these things out of proportion. A righteous teacher should see their students as equals, and as human beings, not of late a way to their subsequent pay check. Good teacher are hard to come by, and really great ones solitary come once in a while. They are tutoring the future, so within a way our adjectives is in their hand.
Why, are you a teacher?

The best coach would be one that keeps the class organized.
Is rock-hard but fair. A individual that wont give a assessment on something that you got partially an hour for. Understands why Students are failing and always tries to support a student's deeds. The don should keep the class interested, so the students will focus and listen, conceivably add a set-up
I;m going to be a teacher and I believe the best asset is passion just about what you do =)

passionate culture are always the best at what they do (i think)
one that help to understand what they are teaching(especially math) associates seem to be terrified of it.break it down and make it adjectives logical...have restraint with the students. and preserve it organized...definetly cant have students run you

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