At what age should civics be taught to our kids?

Infancy. When you are teaching a little child to pick up things she dropped, you are teaching civics in a funny way. It is a form of responsibility. The lessons go on constantly .

Civics is something that is modeled almost more than taught. A child should see it with its parents and emulate as most children are prone to do. That is, of course, the ideal ~ and we all know that ideal is just not happening as much as it should be these days. Civic duty means doing for others... and this is a pretty selfish society ~ although it seems to be changing somewhat.

As for school, well personally I think public education seems to kill thinking and such things as civics now. This subject has been effectively removed from the classrooms across North America~ both Canada and the U.S.

Religion and civics were removed from the educational system for about 20 or 25 years now and we are seeing the results now. People are completely unaware of the things done to them with the Patriot Act for example. They do not know how it SHOULD be because they have not been given grounding in civics.

Everyone is happy to let someone else do it. That is not civics. ~ Amen.
Preschool if not before!
Civics is taught, by parents who are interested in teaching their children, starting at birth.

Civics is how to deal with our fellow man.
Formal Civics should be taught at each grade level in some form or another.

It should not be just a 1/2 year class taught in high school.

Local, State, Federal, Foreign should all be taught at different age appropriate levels all though school

Americans should really know what is going on and how it works, in America and other countries
It depends on the kid. and how well the kid retains info, and does the kid understand what he/she learns.

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