As a first time 2nd grade teacher in Ontario, what do I need to set up my classroom?

Question:I will be teaching second grade in a French Immersion school. Half my day will be taught in French and the other half in English.

What supplies/resources do I need for my classroom? The school supplies me with the necessities (class sets: paper, notebooks, scissors, crayons, pencils; chart paper, markers, chalk, etc.) but I'm wondering what else I need to make the four walls into a classroom.

I have already purchased some posters/charts and decorations. I'm currently shopping for some story books for my classroom library.

What else do I need?!

i always like to have a theme. last year i had a "beach" theme, so everything in the classroom somehow had to do with being at the beach. i set up my library area with a tan rug that looked like sand, then i used to beach chairs and a blow up raft. the students could sit on these and read. i also had buckets with books in them. i hung inflatable beach balls from the ceiling with the names of the different centers in the classroom(writing center, library, math center). i used fish cutouts for my calendar and wordwall. all these things make the room brighter and more exciting for the kids. they love it and it makes them want to be in that kind of environment. these things don't help them learn, but they have a better attitude which makes all the difference in the world. kids also love to see your art. they like it when you draw something on a posterboard and hang it in the room. it means more to them. after a few days of school you can have them draw something that goes with your theme and hang it up as well.
finger paint, childrens books, posters of famous athletes, musicians, nobel prize winners, when i was in 2nd grade we had a small toy corner w/ waffle blocks, coloring books, playschool instruments, etc.
Providing your classroom doesn't look like something out of a Dickens novel, I would just let it grow with selected work of students. The necessary and most important item is you, followed by the students. Give them good teaching, maintain their interest, encourage them to seek knowledge, get, and keep control of the class and above all prepare all of your lessons thoroughly and deliver them with enthusiasm. Too much information on walls tends to draw the interest of the students away from where it should be. Remember the six 'P's'
Proper Planning & Preparation, Prevents Poor Performance and if your performance is up to the mark, your classroom will be a place of learning and enjoyment.

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