About 2 years ago (was htis fair?)?

Question:We were in are maths class, and we were doing about albera and graphs, and it was tiring and i lost my conecntration, then the teacher asked me a question, and i didnt know the answer, and i tryed my best because i allways give 100%, but hten he started shoutingat me and syaing stuff like, pay attention, and started screaming at me, and honest here, i am not a mess about i want the high grades, but he decided he was goint to shout at me, and it was like non stop and wouldnt let me say anything and was having a go at me for not knowing the answer, and now ive kida lost my confidence at talking to the class, because of what he did, and at hte end of the class, he said to my best friend is there something rong with him, and because ive just lost my confidence and now this has affected my grades in media, cus we got to do presenataions

and this happend 2 years ago, is it to late to do anything?

was this fair and right

Wow, that's a bad situation. I can see why you've lost confidence in yourself. It sounds like you're coming down pretty hard on yourself still for the way your teacher treated you (which was wrong, by the way). It's normal to have off days sometimes, besides you're in school to learn, you're not always going to have all the answers. You should always pay attention in class (it's not always easy, plus you said you normally do), but it sounds like this teacher's reaction was over the top. Maybe he was frustrated with the class in general for not understanding/paying attention to the lesson and he just took it out on you? It's hard to say, but anyway, it's in the past now. You don't have this teacher anymore. At this point, what are you afraid of now? Are you worried that your classmates will still remember the teacher yelling at you? They probably don't even remember it now. Do your presentations to the best of your ability and put your 100% in like you said, and everything should be fine. I think in time your confidence should come back. Just keep reminding yourself that the situation with the other teacher was two years ago and this now and you need to focus on now. Tell yourself you will do well and that you do your best...this will help you to build up your confidence again. Good luck on your presentations!
Are you blaming the teacher for your inability to write, spelling and the use of English grammar as well? Grow up. I went to parochial school where the nuns and brothers did nothing but yell at you all the time.
Sounds like your teacher was having a really bad day and you got on his last nerve. He shouldn't have done that, but he did and he really should have apologized for losing it that way, but he didn't do that either. So, now it is time (way past time!) to get over it. Media sounds like a whole different field than math and you should excel there. Your English on the other hand needs major work!
By the way, where in your Contract For Life does it say things will be fair? Believe me, it's not. All you can hope for is "what goes around, comes around" and that you may live long enough to see it!
Learn from it and set out to prove him wrong.

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