Conditional 1 [ HELP ME NOW PLEASE :(]?

Question:· Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs.

· For example: "I think it ['D BE] (be) a great party if the music [WASN'T] (not be) so slow."

A) What .... (you/do) if your dog .... (run) away?
B) She .... (Talk) to you if you .... (be) nicer to her.
C) He .... (do) more housework if he .... (have) more time.
D) If they .... (not have) a lot of many, the .... (not buy) nice clothes.
E) Who .... (you/invite) if you .... (win) a holiday for two?

Sorry, I'm Argentinian
Thanks xD

a) What would you do if your dog ran away?
b)She'd(She would) talk to you if you'd(you would) be nicer to her.
c)He would do more housework if he had more time.
d)If they don't have a lot of money then they can't buy nice clothes.
e)Who would you invite if you won a holiday for two?

I didn't understand "C" but I put the correct answer to what I THOUGHT you meant. Hope it helps!

This type of sentence uses the imperfect tense (was/were..., or the irregular imperfect form) on one side (subject/verb clause), and the conditional (would...) on the other. An easy way to remember which tense is used where is to look for the word "if." The imperfect is used on that side; the conditional is used on the other.

A. would you do / ran
B. would talk / were
C. would do / had
D. had / would buy
E. would you invite / won

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