Are there any good films that demonstrate identity? or values?

To Kill A Mocking Bird...great book and movie!!
Identity and values of what?

Could you include more info in your question please :)

Religious identity/values? National identity/values? etc etc
The Bourne 'Identity'? :P
I watched Educating Rita few days ago, in BBC2. I found it brilliant. It has exactly what you are looking for! Painful search of identity, struggle to keep oneself going in the right direction, perseverance, and a lot more.
Agree with Tinamarie to kill a mocking bird but I also think these two films are good:

High Noon is also a good Town Marshall Will is about to leave town with his new bride when a man he sent to prison some years ago has just been released and is arriving on the noon train to get him. Will's friends tell him to leave town which he does but Will feeling that running away is not a solution returns and intends to face him. Will tries to find support from his friends but all of them don't want to help him. Will is left alone to face the prisoner.

Mr Smith goes to Washington
Naive and idealistic Jefferson Smith is appointed as a Senator by the spineless governor of his state. In Washington, however, Smith discovers many of the shortcomings of the political process. A Senator whom is a friend of his fathers first tries to corrupt Smith and then later attempts to destroy Smith through a scandal.

These films are all oldies but they have a good story line.
"Schindlers list" is all about the value of life.

Not sure what you mean though to be honest.
Try looking at 'Crash' not only does it explore identity, it also deals with people's preconceptions of othes identities.
Try DEAD POETS SOCIETY (circa 1990's), where Robin Williams played the role of a teacher to a group of young students struggling to define themselves. "Seize the day!" he exhorted --- and many more meaningful statements can be had by viewing it... Enjoy!

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