Can anyone think of a word that has NO VOWELS! or something that rymes with orange?

Question:Think of a word with no vowels or something that rymes with orange please! Good Answer will be favorited!

crwth - It's a Celtic musical instrument similar to a violin.

The letter 'Y' can be considered a consonant or a vowel, depending on how it is used. (Wheel of Fortune is not the ultimate authority on such matters.)

Because of words like 'crwth', some people consider 'W' to be a part-time vowel also.

Edit: Looks like somebody was in a grouchy mood and went and gave everybody a thumbs-down! Some people never grow up.

And by the way, it's hard to get anybody to agree on a rhyme since there are several ways to pronounce 'orange'.
door hinge rhymes with orange! :)

sky,my,why,ty, sty, nymph, gypsy, crypt!
well the word rhythm doesnt have any vowels unless you consider y a vowel
words without vowels are:

though sometimes y can be considered a sub-vowel.

There is no word that rhymes with orange or purple in the English language
every word has a vowel doesnt it. unless the word is like an abreviation like dr. or mr. but other than that i cant think of a word to rhyme with orange and y is a vowel just incase someone else uses that . and h is a vowel sometimes too.
Florence sorta rhymes with Orange... and I think there being a word like nth that doesn't have any vowels... I remember that was a challenge in my sisters class and because they found it their teacher ended up having to dance on the cafeteria tables in a pink tootoo
Near Abergavenny in South Wales is a mountain called Blorenge...

Pyx (cheating a bit really)
Hmm, this looked fun!

Words with no vowels (up to 7 letters)
2 letters: by, ch, fy, hm, ky, mm, my, ny, ph, sh, st
3-letter: brr, bys, cly, cry, dry, fly, fry, gym, gyp, hmm, hyp, lym, nth, nys, phs, pht, ply, pry, pst, rhy, shh, shy, sky, sly, sny, spy, sty, syn, thy, try, tsk, tyg, vly
4-letter: brrr, byrl, cyst, drys, fyrd, gymp, gyms, gyny, gyps, hymn, hyps, kynd, lyms, myth, pfft, prys, psst, rynd, scry, skry, skyr, spry, sync, synd, syph, tryp, tsks, tygs, tymp, tynd, typp, typy, ympt
5-letter: byrls, chynd, crypt, cysts, dryly, flyby, fyrds, ghyll, glyph, grypt, gymps, gynny, gyppy, gypsy, hymns, kydst, kynds, lymph, lynch, myrrh, myths, mythy, nymph, phpht, psych, pygmy, rynds, shyly, skyrs, slyly, stymy, sylph, synch, syncs, synds, synth, syphs, thymy, tryps, tryst, tymps, typps
6-letter: crypts, flybys, flysch, ghylls, glycyl, glyphs, lymphs, myrrhs, nymphs, psychs, rhythm, spryly, sylphs, sylphy, synchs, synths, syzygy, trysts, tsktsk
7-letter: glycyls, nymphly, rhythms, tsktsks

Slant Rhymes for Orange (not perfect!): lozenge, boring, forage, porridge, door-hinge, score bench
umm, there is no word in the whole dictionary that doesn't have a vowel in it , so itt is immpossible! s0o i don't know what your talking about
There is no word that rhymes with Silver, Purple, or Orange.

There is no word that does not have a vowel.
Y becomes a vowel in Cry, Sly, Try, pry, nymph, etc.
rhythm, sky, cry, why, etc all have vowels because y is used instead of i. The only words w/o vowels are abbreviations like Mr. and Mrs., and onomatopoeias like brr.

Storage slant rhymes with orange.
door henge rhymes with orange

Lots of words with no vowels like sky, try, fly, nymph, lymph and so on.

Word to rhyme with orange is borange. Meanings:-

Colloq. term meaning bad, rubbish or wicked, and can be used in both positive and negative terms, but mostly used to describe an object or event that is terribly bad or rubbish.
all those words like "sky" have vowels, the "y" acts as a vowel of course. aeiou and sometimes y. like in baby.

there ARE words in english without vowels. most of them come from the welsh.

A word with no vowels, depending on how you define what a vowel is, is cwm. It's a kind of formation found on mountains. Mt. Everest has one, The Western Cwm, and that's how I know about it.

Sadly, nothing rhymes with orange. I feel sorry for it.
Pssssst!! Y is considered a vowel when it takes the place of a regular vowel in a word.

Blorange is a mountain somewhere in the world. I am to lazy to get out my atlas at the moment to look it up for you.

Also, when someone dyes their hair blond but it looks orange===blorange.

Like, 'omigod, Cortney dyed her hair blorange!
The "unofficial" rhyme for orange is "doorhinge"

If you discount "y", then syzygy.

Now, come up with a rhyme for purple, silver and/or month
well, their's "rhythms", and also "syzygy" which is a scientific term that has something to do with eclipses... also, "gypsy"
I can think of "shh" for word with no vowels.

And as a word that rhymes with "orange"."porridge"?
nothing rhymes with orangle,purple,or silver in the english language.....somes words are sky,by,my,why but y is sometimes a sub-vowel so it depends
If you don't count "Y", glyph is also a word with no vowels.

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