Do you believe these wierd facts?

Question:Or are they fiction? Have fun.

1 The game of hardball was derived from the game of baseball when too many players suffered from hernia playing it.

2 The coach of a football team orders a screen pass to keep insects off the field.

3 Hang gliding was discontinued in one state, because suicidal people were afraid to go that route.

4 Horseshoe competition has caused an animal rights group to protest the game, because it was creating a shortage of horseshoes for the horses.

5 Hunters are protesting a new law that requires having a hunting license to go Easter Egg Hunting.

6 Wind surfing has become popular for surfers who can't swim.

7 Archers can be recognized by their bow legs.

8 Colonel Custer was the first man to wear an "Arrow Shirt."

9 Kite flying has become the chosen sport for those who flunked their aviation courses.

10 Aircraft have on board veterinary clinics for birds that are fearful of heights.

Best response gets 10 points

Yes they are true, lawyers have to take these cases to pass their bar examine
3, 4, and 6 are facts. The rest are fiction.
LOL. Give the 10 points to Jan G. That's good.
most of these are really stupid. for example, number 5. hunters wouldn't give a hoot about an easter egg hunt, it would be parents of young children that would be complaining... 6,7,9 and 10 just seem incredibly stupid.
Thank you for improving my life! You're a miracle worker!
just the other day i was concerned about the shortage of horseshoes, but i thought it was because of all the jacka**s wearing boots!
and the easter egg law is great too, because cruelty to animals is wrong, whether their in or out of the egg!
And your right about the archers! remember, you can also tell a sailor by his "stern" look!
lol good Q!
(FYI...weird is one of those weird words in English when the i doesn't come first, even though there's no c...) --- (Oh like we care, huh?)

Loved the list--lol.

The wind surfers who can't swim seems true. Maybe the hang gliding, too...too many variables for suicidal types, most likely.

Definitely Custer was the first man to wear an Arrow shirt... I read somewhere that he was a dandy.

(Did you know some archers wear them, too?)

Some animal rights groups can get pretty flaky, but no...I don't think there's a shortage of horseshoes...unless the metal has to be used for making planes or something.

Now, birds in planes NEED vets...Just imagine it: the people see a flock of birds flying about never wearing their seat belts and prob'ly smokin' and the people think of Hitchcock's 'The Birds' and they get mad and swat the birds with those dumb airline magazines and feathers fly... [EVERYbody's flying!]... Yeah for the vets. (Veterinarians need steady work, anyway)

The license for Easter eggs I can't believe, sorry. The bunnies won't give them up to hunters without one heck of a fight/flight anyway. The hunters may as well set up the licenses for target practice...

I can't match your humor, but it was fun to read!...thx

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