Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

Oh, how could you do that to me?!

Quick, I gotta' put on some jazz...
♪ Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme ♫

Actually I've chosen a different locale for my holiday. Do you know the way to San Josè?
Could do, Scarborough isn't too far from me.
The speedway, and skallies and crime.
remember tuker, the snide form edgehill.
he once went to the same school as I.
No.but remember me to the one who lives there..he once was a true love of mine. :)
Remember me to one who live there if you go would you?
No I don't think so, it's too hot. I'm sitting here in the "deep" south with my feet in a bucket of cold water just trying to stay cool even though I have central air conditioning. It's 8:00 pm, almost dark, and it's still 90 degrees. Please ask me again in October.
i was!! but someone told me that this was the way to ammarillo, so every night i cry on my pillow dreaming dream of scarborough ??.
Hardly, because the last one was in 1790.
Only if I'm near Waxahachie, Texas at the right time; it's a LONG way from Seattle...

I went in May and it rained and it was MUDDY!
Not this year, sorry
yes with rosmery if i get the thyme.plenty on this weekend folks n all free.
Yes but not untill next May when my niece gets married. Sadly her name is not Rosemary.

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