Does anybody know where the smaller version of the white house is?

Question:Real building, not models.

There is the Little White House in Key West, although it's not technically a version of the White House; it was a summer home used by Presidents Truman, Kennedy, and Clinton, if I recall correctly.
that would be our daily newspapers here in pakistan ! :D
I believe it is in Montecello.
That would be pine mountain Georiga, President Roosevelt would go up htere because of the warm springs to help relieve the discomfort of his polio, so a white house was bulit while stay there aka little white house. Also where he passed away at.
lego land, berkshire, England

thank you show me the points
Don't know, but maybe they should call it "The White Bungalow" or "The White Apartment". Te-he!
American University, in Washington,DC, has a building called the McKinley Building which was designed to look like the White House from the sky. They designed it like that so that it would get mistaken for the real White House, and get bombed instead.
That would be an igloo, so it's in Alaska.

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