Does the governor live in the Capitol Building?

Question:Like the President lives in the White House does the governor stay in the Capitol Building? If not, Where does he stay? In his own house or does the state provide one?

Usually, he stays in the Governor's Mansion, so he won't have to commute from home to work everyday.
Usually the Govenor has a home provided for him/her by the state. In some cases it is called the Govenor's Mansion.
No, I don't think the guv of my state lives in the capitol building. He lives in his own house, though it's probably one provided by the state as long as he's governor. For security reasons, they prob'ly say...
Which state? (There are 50 of them, as well as some territorial possessions.) Usually the house where the governor of any given State lives is called the "Governor's Mansion". Alabama has historically set aside a Governor's Mansion for the Governor to use as an official residence, but in 1979, incoming Governor Forrest Hood "Fob" James, Jr., bought his own house in the same neighborhood.

The U.S. Capitol is where the U.S. Congress meets. As a general rule, the President does not enter the Capitol building except to address Congress.

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