ANyone know that poems about the months and how many days are in each?

Question:It was a way to remember which months have 30 days and which have 31 and of course the exceptional February.

This is the rhyme I learned in school.

Thirty Days hath September poem.

30 days hath September,
April, June and November,
All the rest have 31,
Excepting February alone.
Which only has but 28 days clear
And 29 in each leap year.

Another helpful tool is this:

The number of days in each month can also be found by counting across the knuckles and valleys on the back of each clenched fist (from left to right):

Each "knuckle" month has 31 days, while each "valley" month has only 30 days (excepting of course February).
30 days hath September, April, June and November. All The rest have 31, except February, with 28.

Hope this helps. I learned this in grade school and it's stuck with me all these years.
30 days has September, April , June, and November --
All the rest have 31, except February, which alone has
28, but one day more we add to it, one year in four.

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