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Question:If you write your name backwards on the wall using your own faeces, that this is called your 'Poo Name'

I think this proves the Third Cucumber Squared Inverse Law, don't you?

Your screen name doesn't lie..
ummm why the hell would you do that
oh wow. no i didnt know that and i wasnt planning on knowing that.
Like,for sure!
whatever you say pal
Only if you go to the "Oop School of Inverse Consequences".
Then if you do it backwards with pee its called your Pee Name
ummm good for you for knowing that *pats shoulder and walks away*

whats third cucumber squared law ?
your logic is mind bogeling, and i am not even going to think for one second that i understand it but well done
Yes, however i didn't find the 2nd cucumber square law had a very conclusive proof either. Come to think of it the first cucumber square law has a lot to be desired too. And while we're on the topic that Third law of thermodynamics needs some reworking too.
okay turn over the drugs!
you must have little to in a day if you have time to do that.
Actually my poo name is Pooh_hunney443@..
But really how can you "poo"ve this to us. The 3 Cucumber sq Inverse law still lacks so much. The old argument that yes the round peg fits in the square, but it isn't the right choice for the hole still applies. The Cucumber Laws still don't work in a square inverse universe because they are not square, they are circular and oblong.unless you have new "poo"f otherwise.
Wow...this is some brilliant deduction there, Doctor Dumbthinking. Do you want a cookie?

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