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Question:what does BM stand for?

Bowel Movement (that's taking a poo)
best man
In what context. it could mean anything.
bowel movement
On a UK Ordnance Survey map, the abbreviation BM used to stand for Bench Mark - a distinctive mark, on the side of some long-standing building, whose exact height above Mean Sea Level had been accurately determined.
Hmmm.could be:
-Air Sicilia (IATA code)
-B Minor (musical cord)
-Baby Mamma (popular street term)
-Bachelor of Medicine
-Bachelor of Music
-Bambara language (IS)639 alpha-2 code)
-Band master
-Bass management, in surround sound
-Bermuda (2 letter country code)
-Boston & Maine Railroad
-Butt Melt (10 man thrash punk band from London UK)

or a few other terms could apply. Check these out:
bowel movement
Please add more could mean anything.

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