Fill In The Blanks?

Question:A friend of mine told me about this odd text message she received. I can't remember the first part but it goes something like "___ The ___ and slilence the Shivian" I have no idea what that means.

Break the silence and silence the Shivian
Why doesn't she text message the person back and ask them what they are talking about?
f uck the hoe and slience the shivian...i dunno
I looked up Shivian on a Yahoo search, and it seems he is a comic strip artist with a strip called Oh, My Gods. His full name is Shivian Balaris, and he is from Chicago. Other than that, I have no clue. Go to
I think Phoenix has the closes answer.
Maybe you should have her bring the message back up on the phone to fill in the blanks, then ask what it means. I saw something about Shivian relating to the Shaman

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