Crossword Clue ?A?A? Molten material used in glassmaking?

Question:I,ve tried Google for 30 minutes.
you may either know - or have better luck
Thanks for trying!

It's probably so obvious that I will kick myself.
Ouch! - in advance.

Saran (any of various thermoplastic resins used to make things. Google for crossword clues solve along with more info on different kinds of molten making material use (glassmaking) such as Saran.)

Think of an everyday used item, Saran Wrap keeps sandwiches fresh like 'crispy bacon and eggs' ;-) etc.
you didnt say how many letters?
here are possibles

silica flour
Sodium Carbonate
Sodium Nitrate
soda ash
Ferric Oxide
check your answer running into the first "a" to be sure it is right.
sand, my boy sand
Lava? It is molten and it fits.

Wait I just noticed the question it 4 letters or 5?
Lava. Glass forms naturally when volcanoes erupt.
cant be lavas, lava cant be pluralized.

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