Expanded/full form of Mr. , Mrs. and Ms.?

In England it would be

Missus (Colloquial form of Mistress)

and as far as Ms is concerned, who knows. It was a term invented by the feminist groups to try to show that a woman is not a man's possession.

In my giant Chambers dictionary it gives Ms as:

Manuscript, millisecond or a title substituted for Mrs or Miss to avoid distinguishing between married and unmarried women.
Mister. Mistress. Miss.
Mr. - Mister
Mrs. - Mistress
Ms. - Miss
Mr. - Mister (Master, Messrs.)
Mrs. - Madam (abbreviation of mistress)
Ms. has no expanded meaning - it is used by women who don't wish their salutation to denote their marital status (as in the case of Mrs. or Miss - It is a blend of the two - any female can use Ms. whether a Mrs. or a Miss.)
Mr. = Mister
Mrs. = Missus (Another form of "Mistress")
Ms. = Indeterminate marital status, usually applied to women who may or may not be married.

(There is no abbreviation for "Miss".)
Missus (Mistress)

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